BPC Parks

The Battery Park City Conservancy (BPC Parks) is a non-profit organization supported mainly by the residents of Battery Park City and its commercial and residential developers, as well as by the Battery Park City Authority. We also receive and welcome generous public donations. Our properties are operated and maintained at no cost to the City of New York.

The master plan for Battery Park City specifies that 30% of the site must be held as open space, not built upon. The project's parks, gardens, plazas, playgrounds and other public places are permanently protected as "mapped parkland" by the City of New York, and are officially considered to be independently operated units of the City park system. Despite the master plan, the Battery Park City Authority has actually built more parks than originally planned. As of today, there are 36 acres of publicly available open space.

Battery Park City

In 1962 as the piers southwestern Manhattan fell into greater and greater decay, the first plan to revitalize the Hudson shoreline downtown was presented, and in 1968 the Battery Park City Authority was established to manage development of the future site. By 1976, the 92 acre landfill on which Battery Park City rests was completed, although the late 1970's financial crisis delayed further development until late in 1979. By 1980, Battery Park City's first residential development, Gateway Plaza, was under construction. As construction continued, Rector Park, a portion of the Esplanade, and the World Financial Center were operational by the end of 1988. The 1990's witnessed an explosion of growth in Battery Park City, as schools, residential buildings, commercial buildings, parks, and public art installataions filled in the once vacant landfill. Today, development is almost complete. In construction are two apartment buildings along with a new BPC Community Center.

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