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BPC Parks are designed and maintained to be safe, comfortable places for everyone who uses them.
Please respect our simple park rules:
  Be considerate to others Clean up after pets throughout
  Do not litter the parks and keep them on leashes,
  Do not walk in planting beds or except in designated dog runs
  pick foliage or flowers Please cooperate in areas designated
  Reduce radio volume near as Dog-Free Zones (click for map)
  residential buildings, or if other No alcohol is allowed in BPC parks at any time
  visitors request it All NYC Parks Dept Regulations apply
BPC Parks playgrounds have a few additional, special regulations:  
  Children must be supervised Glass containers are not allowed
  at all times in playgrounds
  Babies must wear diapers People aged 12 and older may enter
  Bicycles and inline skates are playgrounds only when accompanying a child
  not allowed in playgrounds No permits are given for the use of the
  Dogs are not allowed in playgrounds playgrounds.
Dog Run Rules  
  Children must be accompanied Aggressive dogs must exit the dog run if
  by an adult other dogs approach the run
  Dogs must be unleashed and Dogs in heat are not allowed
  leashed in the entrance areas Dogs may not be tied up within the run
  Clean up after your dog Be considerate of your neighbors, keep noise
  The dog run is intended for non to a minimum. If a dog is barking after 9PM
  aggresive dogs. please exit the run

Bicycles and Bike Rack Rules for BPC Parks are as follows:

  BPC supplies bicycle racks
The racks are not for storage & users
       throughout the property for use by
are requested to remove their bicycles from
       the public.      the racks at the end of each day.
  No other items may be secured

Bicycles may not be secured to trees or to

       to the racks other than bicycles.      park furniture.
Permits are required for certain activities and all groups over 20 people:  
  Permitting information regarding Permitting information regarding use
  photography, film and television of the Playing Fields for baseball,
  production, weddings, as well as softball, soccer, cricket, football,
  other special events organized by rugby, lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee
  groups or individuals can be found in can be found in BPCA Ball Fields
  in Park Permits below Permits below



Permits are required for certain activities in BPC Parks, and need to be obtained in advance. These include, but are not limited to, group use of playgrounds; organized gatherings or athletic events; wedding ceremonies and wedding photography; commercial film, television, and photography. Permits are recommended to ensure use of a particular place within the parks. Public safety, park preservation and open access to all park visitors have priority in issuing permits. Permits for sporting events on the BPCA Ballfields are handled separately.


For more information,or to request a permit, please contact:

Nidia Reeder

Battery Park City Authority

1 World Financial Center, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10281



General Permit Rules (Applicable to all Permittees)
Required for ALL gatherings of 20 or more, and ALL wedding ceremonies and photography.

Fees. security, deposits and insurance may apply.

  If liability insurance coverage is required, at permit-holder's expense,
  The Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, Battery Park City Authority,
  the State of New York, and the City of New York must be named as co-insureds.
  Liability insurance coverage requirements start at $1,000,000.
  Fees for non-profit organizations and students may be reduced.
  All permit applications are due in advance, from three weeks up to two months.
Permittees are responsible for their own clean up.
To keep the parks enjoyable to use for everyone, the following items are welcomed:
  cloth blankets, light sports (frisbees, balls, etc), preprepared foods in plastic containers.
To keep the parks enjoyable for use toeveryone, the following items are not permitted:
  signs, plastic tarps, outdoor cooking and heating trays, glass containers, alcohol.
Special Events Permits:
Required for gatherings over 20, including, but not limited to walks, runs, marathons,
  picnics, birthday parties, and other group activities.
  Applications for small special events (20-100 participants) are due three weeks ahead.
  Applications for large special events (100+ participants) are due two months in advance.
  Liability insurance coverage is required for large special events, beginning at $1,000,000,
  listing BPCPC, BPCA, NYS, and NYC as named co-insureds.
  BPCA and/or BPC Parks staff may be required for large events, at permit-holder's expense.
  Security deposits may be required for large special events.
Camp/School Group Permits:
  Required for groups of 20 or more.
  Applications due at least three weeks in advance.
  Camps and school groups with permits are eligible to borrow certain
  recreational equipment from the Rockefeller Park House.
  Fees begin at $50 (Schools may be exempt)
Wedding Ceremony Permits:
  Required for all ceremonies.
  Applications due at least 30 days in advance.
  $300 fee required in advance.
  Dates and times may be restricted by park programs or high park usage.
  No Receptions of any kind. No alcohol, food, snacks, or beverages.
  No structures, tents, chuppahs, altars, kneelers, tables, chairs, or amplified sound.
  No balloons, rice, birdseed or confetti, or anything similar.
Wedding Photography Permits:
  Required for all wedding photography.
  Applications due at least three weeks in advance.
  $100 per session fee required in advance.
  $1,000,000 Liability insurance required, listing BPCPC, BPCA, NYS, and
  NYC as co-insureds.
Film, Television, and Still Photography Permits:
  Required for all commercial and/or student shoots. Note: All Student Shoots require a letter
       from the professor explaining their assignment.
  Application due at least three weeks in advance to allow for proper coordination.
  BPCA and/or BPC Parks staff may be required, at permit-holder's expense, to be present.
  Liability insurance coverage is required, at permit-holder's expense.
  The Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, Battery Park City Authority,
      the State of New York, and the City of New York must be named as co-insureds.
  Liability insurance coverage requirement starts at $1,000,000.
  Student Film Shoots require insurance - please consult your school or college.
  A Security Deposit may be required.
  Gifts or payments to BPCA and/or BPCPC staff are not permitted.
Volleyball Permits:
  Required to ensure court availability. June, July, August or September
  Fee:  $20 per 90 minutes
Parking Permits:
  Required for any vehicle requiring entry or parking within any public park or space.
  Only issued for Construction and Media vehicles (additional restrictions may apply)

The Battery Park City Ball Fields are a resource for everyone's enjoyment.   The Ball Fields are maintained and managed by Battery Park City Parks Conservancy.   Permits for the fields are used as a means to balance the needs of all user groups as well as the fields themselves.

Hours of Operation

Weekdays: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Weekends: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Who Requires a Permit:


Groups of ten (10) or more people who wish to reserve a ball field for recreational or sports activities must obtain a written permit issued by the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy (BPCPC).   If an individual is applying for a permit on behalf of a group or athletic league, he or she must designate so on the permit.

•  Only one individual per group or athletic league may apply for a permit.


•  Any group that submits multiple permit requests under more than one contact name will jeopardize its permit request.  


•  The only applications suitable for the Ball Fields are sports activities i.e. baseball, softball, soccer, kickball, football, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, field days, school recess, etc.  


•  To apply for a permit for any other type of gathering or event in Battery Park City, please call the Battery Park City Authority, 212-417-2000 and ask for the Permit Coordinator.


How and When to Apply for a Permit:


Please Note: Spring and Summer Permits

Permit applications for the spring and summer seasons are now being accepted.  The submission deadline is June 15th.  Requested dates will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Late applications will be considered where space is available.  Click here “Ballfields Application 2014” to download the 2014 Permit Application.


Permit Fees

  Youth Non-Profit:                     Free
  Youth For-Profit:               $50 per 2 hours
  Adult Non-Profit:               $350 per 2 hours
  Corporate Adult:               $350 per 2 hours

•  Make checks payable to:   Battery Park City Parks Conservancy


•  Mailing Info:      Ball Fields Coordinator

                             Battery Park City Parks Conservancy

                             75 Battery Place

                             New York, NY 10280

Playing Fields Permit Policies:

The Permittee must confine activities to the locations, times and
  activites listed on the permit.
  The Permittee is subject to the Rules of Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, ,
  the specific terms of the permit, and to all applicable City, State and
  Federal rules, regulations and laws.
  BPCPC reserves the right to require a deposit and/or personal liability insurance
  for the activity/event/game, naming Battery Park City Parks Conservancy
  Corporation, Battery Park City Authority, City of New York and
  New York State as co-insureds. The factors to be considered in requiring
  insurance are: a) estimated number of spectators b) past history of league or event
  and c) type of event.
For organized games and practices, the sponsoring group must have a signed
  liability waiver from each participant or their guardian.
Preference for use will be given to youth groups and community-based activities.
Permits are not transferable.
The Permittee will be required to perform basic field maintenance such as raking
  lining and clean-up under the supervision and training of the Playing Fields Coordinator.
The Permittee is liable for all damage or injury to property or persons that may occur
  or be caused by the use of the permit, and by accepting the permit, the Permittee
  agrees to hold harmless Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, Battery Park City
  Authority, and the City of New York from any claim whatsoever which may result
  from such use. The Permittee is also responsible for the behavior of all attendees
  at the permitted event. The Permittee agrees that it is responsible for maintaining
  order among the attendees and understands that its ability or failure to maintain
  order at its event is a factor that will be considered when it applies for future
  or continued use permits.
The permit is revocable at any time at the discretion of BPCPC. The reasons for
  revocation include, but are not limited to:
Providing incorrect information on the application form
Failure to adhere to the rules of BPCPC or conditions of the permit
Illegal activities
Improper/unauthorized use of a permit
Disorderly behavior of event attendees
  If reserved session is cancelled for administrative or maintenance reasons, the
  session will be rescheduled, where feasible, by BPCPC.
To prevent dangerous situations on adjacent busy streets, adult softball permittees
  are required to use only slow pitch softball bats and softballs, which will be
  loaned by the Playing Fields Coordinator.
Footwear is regulated to ensure safe play and a safe surface to play upon:
Closed-toe shoes required for all athletic activities
Preferred footwear: Turf shoes
Permitted for youth under 16: Round or oval rubber cleats (no less than 10/shoe)
Prohibited: metal cleats, detachable cleats, and blade-shaped cleats
Cleats of all kinds prohibited for participants 16 years and older
Solicitation or collection of contributions, sale of tickets, refreshments or
  merchandise, sale or distribution of handbills, posting, display or distribution
  of signs, and advertising or other material, are prohibited without a permit.
Because of the high demand for permits, if the Permittee does not reasonably need
  all of the session time requested, BPCPC may grant partial field time to other applicants.
BPCPC will inspect the site to determine if the Permittee is utilizing all of the reserved
  time requested, and may reduce the number of permitted sessions.
Applying for a permit in no way guarantees that the requested times/fields will be
  granted. BPCPC reserves the right to use its discretion to determine how many
  fields and hours each team/organization may use under the permit.
Upon request of the Permittee, BPCPC will provide a set of letters and numbers
  for the manual scoreboard; Permittee will return all characters to the Playing
  Fields Coordinator. A $25 fine will be charged to Permittee for each
missing letter or number.
When activities are not scheduled, playing fields can be used on a first-come,
  first-serve basis with permission of Ballfields Coordinator or other
  on-duty BPCPC staff.
The BPC Playing Fields are a dog-free park. No dogs or pets of
  any kind are allowed on the Playing Fields at any time.
Bicycles may be walked on paved paths only. No bicycles allowed on the grass.
  All bicycles must be stored at the bike rack.
Smoking, alcoholic beverages, cooking, barbecuing and golfing prohibited.
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